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“Was so impressed with how Shun motivated my 9 and 12 year olds. I was initially a little unsure of their biking skills but he was so thorough and made it fun and rewarding. Strongly recommend BoFA ride. These skills will be with them forever”


“Shun has been wonderful with my 7 year old who started taking lessons less than a year ago. Now the little guy has progressed from the family tracks to riding the harder blues with me at the back of woodhill and even hitting up some gnarly stuff at wcr in riverhead.

Getting those fundamentals right and knowing how to approach new terrain has been great for his confidence. Makes me wish I took lessons when I started instead of falling a lot or just being way too slow!”


“I had a great day out at one of mountain bike park in the North of Auckland with Shun. He is very friendly, an enthusiastic instructor and inspiring biker who teaches riding techniques adopting to each riders skills. By end of the day I learned a lot especially controlling riding positions and efficient pedalling skills. Those skills have improved my riding since then. I highly recommend to take his lessons if you are keen to step up and looking for to have fun on trails!”


“He helped me a lot when I chose new MTB for my partner — gave me some good advise and lined up candidates under my budget. Thank you. Highly recommended! :)”


“So surprised how much my daughters have been into MTB.
Especially my 6yo daughter who had ridden a bike only 1-2 times before she met Shun, got more confidence in not only biking skill but also herself. He is really friendly and respectful for kids. And always takes care of their safety too! Thank you and keep going!”


“Shun is a friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced MTB instructor and very enthusiastic for helping someone who wants a professional advice about MTB. Flick him a text and you will not regret.”


“A great experience. Would not have known these great tracks without the guidance of BoFA Ride. An informative and safe riding experience. Recommended.”


“One of the best outdoor activity with family or mates or solo.
Very friendly but professional coaching!! Highly recommend!!.”


“I’ve got very good experience from Shun. It was fun so much! I am going to do this again for sure! Thank you Shun!!”


“Great teacher and we had a fun time. Thanks heaps for today Shun, we had a fun time. We don’t get much time away from the kids so it was nice to get out too.”


“Coach Shun is very friendly and approachable. He always has time to share his knowledge. My kids (11 and 8 years old) and myself had great time learning new techniques and knowledge. Highly recommended”


“Session with Shun was safety focused yet very thrilling! He is a friendly instructor with real professional experiences. Anyone at any level of experience in MTB would have something to learn from him. I as a complete beginner managed to climb down few steep hills and I felt safe because he taught me few tips and tricks on a flat surface before hitting the track.
Also he gave countless advises for MTB purchase for free.
Highly recommended!”


Bookings open for holiday programmes in April

Cost: $45pp each session. Extra $10 for a lunch box of Musashi Japanese Cuisine. Starts Mon 18th April 2022. 9:00am-12pm each day at Totara mountain bike park.