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Shun Egoshi
Mountain bike skills coach / Co-founder

He was the first player who has chosen by the professional mountain biking team which was powered by Subaru. 

Originally from Japan, Shun grew up in the foot of mountain and began to ride around there in MTB since he was 9. He stood  out in the MTB industry by winning the national championship in 2003 and had been dominating whole Japan for 5 years with a fabulous technique and indomitable spirits.

National MTB XC championship in Japan - WIN
National MTB XC championship in Japan - WIN
National MTB XC championship in Japan - WIN
National MTB XC championship in Japan - WIN
National MTB XC championship in Japan - WIN

Our story

Hi, I’m Shun, the Co-founder of BoFA RIDE.
It has been 7 years since I began to think about founding this MTB project.
As described on my profile, I spent most of my childhood and youth mountain biking. Having a huge practice, I rode in countless races.
Then I got a job which wasn’t related to MTB.
In those times, I had been riding a bike especially when I need to refresh my mind. Riding along the river and through the forest. Sometimes I was pedalling so fast with my best that I got my heart almost broken. For each time I did that, just ride, made me feel alive again. While biking, there was nothing about troublesome problem in my brain. Additionally, for each time I was helped by biking, my feeling for this project got stronger and stronger.

It might sound like an exaggeration, but I’m certain, the only one bike can make your life fulfilling. Now finally I made this BoFA RIDE, named by “Breath of Fresh Air” as I’m keen to share such a moving moment with you guys.
The vision of BoFA RIDE is : to help as many people as possible to know how wonderful and fun mountain biking is. We will provide proofed techniques and knowledges for that. I believe the ability of riding around freely in the mountains of NZ, will definitely invaluable for your life.

7th May 2021 / Shun Egoshi


あの心の底から生き返ったという感覚から”Breath of Fresh Air”の頭文字を取り、このBoFA RIDE(ボーファライド)を設立しました。全くの初心者の方にも、スキルアップを目指す方にも、経験に裏付けされたスキルと知識、そしてマウンテンバイクの楽しさを精一杯提供していきます。


2021年5月7日 江越駿也

Why Choose Us


Learn from former pro

Coach Shun, he was the first player who has chosen by the professional mountain biking team powered by Subaru after he won a 5th consecutive title of national championship in Japan. 


Bike hire for FREE

We have a range of bike hire and other equipments such as helmets and gloves. Let us know if you or your kids need those stuffs. It’s FREE during your session. Don’t worry. Just enjoy!


Short video as a gift

We are going to film you during your session to give you a short video as a gift if you want. This is going to be the best memory with your partner, your family and your friends. 


English & Japanese

Coach Shun is originally from Japan. He has graduated from secondary school in Auckland. He also has experienced teaching Japanese and English at Auckland Japanese Supplementary School as a volunteer for 2 years.

Bookings open for holiday programmes in April

Cost: $45pp each session. Extra $10 for a lunch box of Musashi Japanese Cuisine. Starts Mon 18th April 2022. 9:00am-12pm each day at Totara mountain bike park.